Friday, February 20, 2009

Panavision Dreams

Some day I will have a fully featured cine camera got in my hands, and guess what - I have to be ready for taking scenes right away, no time for experiments, tests or 7:3 frame adaptation, so this is a good training session for me :-)
In fact, I love panoramas: one might pack a single panoramic shot with horizontally layered separate events so much that each picture of such grows into an independent work that needs a special focus on it.

I do thank for the opportunity to take these ones, my Ukrainian friends, special thanks to Oleg Golovatskiy and Vladimir Shurubura for an incredible and decidedly unforgetable Ukrainian holidays! To figure out where does these pictures come from see way more stuff from the vacation here on MyWed.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Honestly Crazy

Do you think they overacted? No, that's what they actually are - energetic, impulsive, hazardous, daring and still - darLing and loving and ravishing with sincerity of every single mad thing they did towards my lens. A rare occurrence of having any boundaries and limits got rid of which in fact is a happiness of the notorios and all of the times unallowable freedom. Love them :-)