Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Inexistent Movie

This is not so much about photography as about some missing facility that we photographers are deprived with it is.

The name of the game is anamorphic lens which is often used in filmmaking. The concept of action of the tool is compressing image horizontally while shooting, and then decompressing it either via 'anti'-anamorphic lens on a projection device or by stretching the picture horizontally in Photoshop.

It would be ok these lenses are unavailable for any kind of photo camera, if it hadn't had a special bokeh character that makes a movie more movie. On a closer view one can see that back and foreground is measurably 'verticalized'. Along with that it's exactly the a-lens that produces bluish stripes from a rear spot-light source which is also a special effect rather than an optical flaw.

Of course, it's not a major casualty for the world of photography. All I'm saying is that none of photo industry juggernauts offers any. And that is sad forasmuch as I'd really like to have the whole range of possible facilities and it's me to decide which one would be my favorite.

Here follows a session taken with Nikon D700, Nikkor 70-200 2,8ED with anamorphic projection attachment. I tried to do my best to make these pictures look like movie frames.

To see more - watch the YouTube Video
Backstage video is right here.