Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Who's driving that car?!"

After the registration ceremony I was told to follow a black Range Rover where the couple would sit in.

I must say that was not a "follow", that was a wild chase. That's when my two and a half liters turbo totally paid off. It was a sheer blockbuster with a great drama - a photog persuing newly-weds, and a little special effect in it - dainteth and spirituelle bride's visualization. One of the greatest dress, hairstyle and make-up I've happened to shoot.

Scarcely we arived to the first venue to have some shoot than I came up to the couple and asked:
- Who's that crazy driver, I need to talk to him!
- I am, - the groom responded.
- Whoops...

Ok, that adrenaline didn't rub off on the shots. :-)
And here they are.