Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bridal Parade V in Moscow - Indian Summer Experience.

Yes, I do! I love this girlish get-togethers, especially with regard to the fact that a week or two before Parade the weather keeps bad and straight on the day X it grows clear warm and comfy, and that is one of pretty weird things around the event. Another way strange thing - HOW come those unprofessional models (just next door girls) pose so much hang-loose and uncorseted (what a fitly spoken word! lol) as a rare pro does.
This time it's Indian summer also starring. A little bit "electronically improved" but let's take it as a make-up for a nature ;-) These fairy-tale bogs layered with mud strewed with gilded oak, alder and maple dead leafs scintillating in sun beams leaking through 'tired' Autumn heaven do decidedly need a correction... self-deprecating humor this was ;-) Forget it.
Ok, Ladies and Gentlemen, please, welcome the Fifth Bride Parade in Moscow and its valiant stars who was unhesitatingly ready to shine irrespective of weather conditions!

Пятый Парад Невест в Москве
А вернее в Подольске прошел в сентябре 2008-го года. Все как обычно - погода по счастью не подвела, девушки отважно позировали (иногда это бывает не так просто), золотая осень "развернулась" во всей красе. Иногда она вырывалась на первый план, но изысканные работы стилистов, и конечно, сами девчонки затмевали изяществом все вокруг. Как всегда, спасибо Кате Алёшинской за шикарную идею, помогающую фотографам развиваться в своем творчестве. Больше фото можно увидеть тут.


Kim Mallory said...

Wow! Your work is AMAZING!

Gabriel Rancourt said...

Those pictures are too good.

I just still amazed by your work.

Arthur Konstantinov said...

Thank you, Gabriel!