Friday, July 10, 2009

Pics from workshop in Kyev

This time the topic was using avaliable light only. No strobes, no light discs or panels, no umbrellas. Just an "online" search of interesting beams of light within given location.

There's always such a spot and such an angle where surrounding light turns isolated, directional and evidently dominating, forming a sole stream of main light. The very trouble of a photoartist is to discern it and utilize it most efficiently.

Несоклько картинок с киевского мастер-класса, проведенного совместно с Екатериной Алешинской на тему "Только имеющийся свет".


Yuka photo art said...

Ух ты. красиво очень у вас получается! Я тоже предпочитаю только натуральный свет!

Oleksandr Photography said...

Cool pictures! Good use of available light!