Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seminar and Workshop in Kiev, Ukraine, on October 14 '08

I just want to say thank you, Kiev, for such warm welcoming and fantastic hospitality. Perhaps, that was just a coincidence - stunning weather, stunning models, attentive organizers, talented audience, beautiful venues... etc. But no - too many points made me think it was a trend. It was stunning Kiev all in all, with every stunning part of it.
I was pretty much flattered to have some top Ukrainian photogs attended the event. And it grows the more flattering as times goes by and I later find my pains and efforts having rubbed off on their pictures in their own unique way. Highly talented guys they are! That's when final satisfaction comes and I perceive - it was not for nothing, really.
Hope to be back in spring with some world-famous peers there. And that is going to be a good surprise for Ukranians! Check out some stuff I've done during the workshop.
Недавно (14 октября) провел семинар и мастер-класс в Киеве. Слишком много положительных эмоций наводят на мысль о том, что никакое это не совпадение: хорошая погода, красивые модели, теплый прием, внимательные слушатели и прочее... Это такой хороший Киев сам по себе :) Теперь понятно, почему многие мои друзья так часто отправляются на "киевские каникулы". Успел поесть простой украинской кухни - не ожидал, (хотя и слышал не один раз, про то как украинцы любят вкусно покушать) что этонастолько вкусно! Успел сходить к стоматологу, побывать на Майдане и Крещатике, почти поучаствовал в противостоянии восточной и западной Украины. Обошлось без жертв! :))
Благодарю всех присутствовавших на семнаре, особое спасибо Дану Хечо за слаженную организацию и заботу в течение всех пяти дней пребывания! Очень надеюсь приехать в следующем году и поделиться еще большим опытом и секретами.

A few of backstage shots. The guys indulged me with lots of pictures of mine and now I do realize I don't have to flourish arms that much lol.
Закулисные снимки - как это было со стороны. Кажется мне надо меньше махать руками :)

©Photos by Olga Efimova

©Photo by Oleg Golovastky

© Photo by Dmitry Yannovsky

©Photo by Uriy Brahtous


DavidA said...

I absolutely love the look you get with your cyan/blues. Don't know how you do it but it has fascinated me ever since I found your blog months ago.

How do you do it???

The photos are fabulous to begin with but your post processing makes them zing. Great stuff

Arthur Konstantinov said...

Davida, the easiest way to get good cyans&blues in shadows on your pictures is to either adjust curves in blue and red channels or utilize Red Leaf Studio actions immitating sort of cross-process look of you images.

Rob Munroe said...

Looks like it was an "Awesome" time Arthur. I really wish I could have been there. And the images are on point. Great Times Arthur, Great Times...

Arthur Konstantinov said...

Hey, Rob,
"Great times" - must mean something referring to world crisis? LOL
It's just what I do and what I'd like to share with world - Ukraine, USA - whatever...
Stick around, Rob. 've got to show something else later :)

Arthur Inamov said...

First one - !!! Blowing away...

Chris Chen said...

I also love your post processing, aside from the very elegant posing of the model. Maybe it's just me but I have never seen it else where. You style totally rock! I just got referred to your blog from DWF. Glad I stumbled on it and thanks for these wonderful images.

Arthur Konstantinov said...

Chris! Thank you! Stop flattering won't you :-)