Monday, December 3, 2007

Kid as an Adult

I must confess that was my first kid session. I was always affraid of children to be models in front of my camera. I was affraid of incomprehesion, uncontrollability and a one-way non-feedback contact. Gosh! I was so sadly mistaken! It came clear these three of my fears were always present while working with adults. Babes no way feel inferior as adults do. They don't imagine what doing smth wrong is. That's the key :) After parents leaved the studio this little boy suddenly became quite an interesting companion.
While the conversation these shots were taken.


Anonymous said...

Понравилось с детьми работать? Здорово вышло!

Arthur Konstantinov said...

Кажется понравилось, но не всем нравится такая подача "детского материала" )